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Urban Redevelopment

Recreating a Sense of Place.

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Uptown Bay City

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Top-Notch Results

Over Four Decades of Expertise.

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The H Residence

Downtown Midland

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Building Today. Investing in Future Generations.

Committed to Community

Our Expertise


Shaheen Development is a family-owned, community-based real estate development company who owns and manages more than one million square feet of residential, mixed-use, and commercial real estate in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

For more than four decades, Shaheen Development’s focus has been to enrich our communities by creating places for living, working, leisure, and healthcare.


Shaheen Development has remained  dedicated to upholding our commitments to the communities we serve, and to our longstanding, established values; Meet the needs of our diverse clientele, and the resulting economic growth and development; Act as a single source of responsibility for both delivery and financing; Utilize local labor and region-based suppliers; Develop/redevelop from historic sites; Attract people back to core cities; Create a sense of place; Build community.


    Our side-by-side team has been working together for years. Great skills, teamwork and communication deliver superior results, maximum flexibility and satisfied clients.


    Shaheen Development manages and leases a variety of space throughout Saginaw, Bay City and Midland.


    We put our experience in managing more than One million square feet of real estate to work for our clients, 7 days a week.


    In addition to an entire portfolio of Healthcare Construction Projects, we are proud of our work in commercial office centers, revitalization of downtown properties and entire new mixed use developments.

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